Backing Tracks / Karaoke

Welcome to the GlobalVision Backing Tracks and Karaoke Store! Our tracks are the actual music beds from our recordings. This is NOT copy-cat, or "sounds like" or "in the style of..." This is The Real Thing. Arranged and orchestrated by Jeremy Roberts.

We have received countless requests to release our tracks -- and most of the karaoke tracks of our music is simply, well, let's be nice -- most do not sound like our original tracks -- so we found a way to do this...

All backing tracks come with a PDF lyric sheet. Since many of you already have the original recording, the "guide vocal" (*wink - our guide vocals are the original recordings!) are optional add-ons.

PLEASE read our FAQ!


What is the difference between your backing tracks and a karaoke track I can buy on iTunes ?
Hopefully you can hear the difference. Our tracks are the actual music beds from our albums. This is NOT copy-cat, or "sounds like" or "in the style of..." This is the real thing. Arranged and orchestrated by Jeremy Roberts. Our backing tracks were remastered for maximum dynamic range.

Why are the tracks more expensive than other sources of karaoke?
Quality. Authenticity. This is the real thing. With some of the greatest musicians in the world. If you want to sing to the ACTUAL music from the original recording, there are no alternatives.

Can I use these tracks for live performance?
Yes, with a few restrictions. Paid public performances need a premium license. Please contact us.

Can I use these tracks at a wedding?
Absolutely! Congratulations. Hopefully, you will choose "Take Me As I Am" or "Someone Like You" (and not "The World Has Gone Insane").

I'm doing a community theater/non-profit/school/Broadway/big-budget motion picture production - can we use your tracks?
Yes, but you need a premium license. This is not the intended nor licensed purpose of these tracks. If you want our version as the backing for your production, Please contact us.

Can I make my own CD with your tracks?
No. But we can make "your own personal version" of these songs for a reasonable cost. Much less than assembling the musicians and starting from scratch. Please contact us!

What exactly do I get?
You will receive an email with LINKS to MP3 and PDF files. Our MP3 files are encoded at 256k using state-of-the art encoders, which is "near-CD quality". The MP3 files are "zipped" for easier/faster internet transfer -- and depending on your computer, it will either unzip the file automagically, or you will simply unzip to the destination of your choice on your computer. MP3 files are comaptible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You MUST have a fast/broadband internet connection. Don't forget to make a backup!

What if my download doesn't work?
You will have 24 hours to download your file(s). Our system tracks the IP addresses of all downloads, so please be certain to only download to your computer. Our technology is the same as used by most major digital distributors... In the unlikely event of a water landing, we will be there to help you.

I can't sing as high as Rob Evan or Kate Shindle. Can you transpose a track to my key?
Maybe. There will be studio fees. Best thing to do is Please contact us.

Can I give copies of the tracks to my friends?
Can I post these on YouTube?
Can I resell the tracks on Craigslist?

What do you think? (of course not)

Are you going to release the printed sheet music or vocal lead-sheets?
We are not going to be selling printed music.

I want to record my own CD. Will you produce me?
You have to ask first. Please contact us.